Our Team




has accumulated over a decade of experience in the Sydney metro market in design coordination, managing planning approvals and delivering marketable projects.

Robert is responsible for establishing target markets across Sydney to position new residential projects and is an active member of our design group focusing on balancing spatial utility, urban experience and quality community outcomes.


Our team is contributing to the Urban Transformation in places like Granville NSW where we have utilised our resources to achieve a superior urban outcome for the community and residents. The quality of spatial and living experience is something that is important to me and my team, which is the core function of our design group.





is responsible for managing our real estate portfolio to service targeted annual development output. Many projects necessitate complex amalgamation to achieve a practical site capable of accommodating quality amenity and marketable developments.


John has delivered all company acquisitions off-market developing long term relationships directly with property owners.


A proven history of acquiring complex off-market sites is evidenced throughout the company portfolio.  John negotiates joint ventures, property acquisition, implements technology across the business, is responsible for managing investments and corporate treasury and is credited with achieving one of Develotek’s largest amalgamation of properties resulting in a quality master planned urban transformation project.



Real Estate Acquisition


is responsible for real estate acquisitions directly interacting with proprietors across the market to target and service Develotek’s preferred style of large scale, thoughtfully amalgamated residential sites that are responsive to our urban planning principles.


 Creating permeable interfaces and public open spaces for community to enjoy all of which become possible through the careful acquisition and extensive amalgamation of fragmented property.


Daniel is our specialist responsible for establishing our portfolio of strategic projects across the Parramatta region, Inner West and the North Shore.  






A Chartered Accountant with more than ten years experience in public practice.  Kim has joined Develotek as the Finance Manager overseeing all areas of financial control including financial planning, analysis, reporting, forecasting, budgeting and process improvements.


Kim has a Bachelor of Commerce from University of Canterbury, New Zealand and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. 


Kim has long term commitment to volunteering services.  She is currently the team leader managing the resource centre for Hillsong Church at Waterloo Campus. Kim is a keen supporter of rugby and enjoys dining, walking and travelling.



Planning & Engagement Coordinator


A role that is integral to the property and design teams providing detailed advice on strategic and statutory planning matters. Courtney is passionate about placemaking, urban design and creating liveable spaces.

Prior to joining Develotek, Courtney has worked in various roles across the private and public sectors of Sydney and the UK. Courtney has experience in urban design, master planning and rezoning, urban renewal projects, revitalisation programs, town centre management and environmental planning and assessment.

Courtney has assisted to manage and contribute to projects from the conceptual design phase through to construction. Courtney has extensive experience in consultation with important stakeholders and local communities.



Business Operations


has more than ten years of accounting experience in both boutique and mid-tier accounting firms. Shu joined Develotek Property Group as an executive assistant in 2017.


Shu is a tech-savvy and trains herself when necessary. An expert in software widely used by the company such as dropbox, outlook, smartsheet and xero. Shu is a creative thinker and a strong problem solver with exceptional project management skills. Shu’s ability to personally connect with all team members and suppliers is truly remarkable.


Shu graduated from University of Western Sydney with a master degree of accountancy and becomes a member of Chartered Accountant since 2012. Shu has a two-year-old daughter and she lives with her family in north shore of Sydney. Her interest is to take family to the beach and enjoy the nice food. Shu manages and coordinates the general operation of the DPG office in Sydney.